Each week, starting with our new series in September, you will be receiving an email. The contents of that email will also be placed here on our Parents Blog. The main objective behind this email/blog is to share with you what the Lord is revealing to us through His Word during our study times so that conversations can be initiated with your students throughout the rest of the week.

We truly believe that your students spiritual growth is most impacted by your own walk with Christ and the crucial conversations that you will have as a family. With that being said, we want to partner well. We want to pray together and we want to seek God's best for each student and family that steps foot on our property and beyond.

As you can understand, my current position with Lake Sharon is voluntary. Please be patient with me and most of all pray for me, that I would boldly declare the truths found in scripture and that I would find myself ever sensitive to the the Spirit of God. Please know that we will be trying to better the overall communication coming from the Student Ministry with the hope that what has happened in the student ministry will flow into the the homes of those students represented and into their schools and the workplaces you yourself represent. 

I hope our new Parent Blog will be a source of encouragement to you as you walk the discipleship journey with your students. Don't fret if you find yourself saying this can't work or we don't do this. Fix your eyes on Jesus, look to His Word and find the strength and the encouragement to follow Him wherever He may lead. I love you and I am with you. Colossians 3:1-4.

As we journey,

-Ryan Forson, Student Pastor @ the Well