Happy Wednesday:) 

This week at the Well we are looking at the book of Habakkuk. As we continue our series, I believe this week will provide the students with some good disciplines to cling to. I ask that you continue to pray for us as we journey through these places of scripture. 

In light of some of the things happening in America today, I found this quote regarding the book of Habakkuk:

"If, like Habakkuk, you ever become discouraged about the condition of the church, the state of the world, or your own spiritual life, take time to pray and seek God's mercy."
"Charles Spurgeon said "Whether we like it or not, asking is the rule of the kingdom."

I know for me personally there are many things that have been discouraging to say the least- in very single one of those categories. Whether we have political unrest, civil unrest or sheer chaos close to home as a young woman's life is brutally taken from her- we live in times that can be very discouraging. We will be looking tonight at the disciplines of prayer, patience and perseverance as seen in the Book of Habakkuk. 

My encouragement to you is that you spend some time looking over the three chapters in Habakkuk. See that Habakkuk also looked on chaos and wandered why God was slow to act. That he also wandered why. My hope is that the students tonight will be encouraged to intentionally pray about the things that burden their heart, wait patiently for His response and persevere with great faith even when all seems lost.

May your time as a family be met abundantly by the mercy of God. 

Here are a few conversation points from tonights lesson: 

  • Unanswered prayers
  • Learning to pray even when it seems painful 
  • The importance of patience in the midst of hurt. 
  • Breaking perceptions that take God, His sovereignty, His love out of the equation. 
  • Pressing on even when things don't seem to be going your way. Talking about moments they have experienced where they wanted to give up. 

I love you each. 

As we journey,