This Saturday is BONFIRE! Don't forget to remind your students and encourage them to invite friends. Also, if you would like to come an spend the evening with us- we could always use an extra hand!:) Text me if you are available! We will be feeding them so bring them hungry. 

This week we are talking through a story in 2 Kings chapter 6. Elisha the prophet is given information from the Lord regarding a soon to be attack on the people of Israel. Yes- the Lord sees, hears and knows everything! As soon as the King of those planning to attack Israel hear of this shared knowledge- he begins to ask who on his staff has committed treason and is on Israel side. He still doesn't understand that God knows everything. Even what is said "in his bedroom." So one of his bright young staff members says (in short) "no sir, its Elisha the prophet who knows even what is said in secret." Again, forgetting that the Lord tells Elisha these "secrets," the King makes another plan to find Elisha and deal with him. 

So we pick up where the student(s) will tonight. Over night this king's army surrounds where Elisha and his servant are staying. Early in the morning Elisha's faithful servant goes out and sees the army surrounding them. He says "Oh my master, what are we to do" (vs. 15).

The king of the surrounding army and the servant of Elisha seem to have a similar perspective problem. Neither of them seem to grasp the knowledge, presence and power of God. But Elisha does. He knows that "those who are with us outnumber those who are are with them." Elisha prayed that God would give his servant eyes to see. Eyes to see the vast angelic army that surrounded their enemies and that He did. God gave him sight. Something only God can do! 

This week we will be talking about our perspective. What we see and what we don't seem to see. We will be looking at the nature and character of God as He sees all things, protects those who are His and shows great mercy!

Join me in praying that our eyes would be opened to see the spiritual. That the students would be comforted by Gods protection and His mercy. And for those whom the students will invite this week to the Bonfire. When our perspective is on point, the urgency of the Gospel becomes very real. We desire that tonight!

As we journey,