Happy Wednesday!!

It has been just over a month since we started our parent blog/email. I know for me it has been encouraging and challenging as I write each week. I hope that the Lord continues to speak to you and guide your family in ways that are beyond imagination.

As we watch the debates and all the facebook drama that ensues nearly every day, the Lord has really been laying on my heart the Church in America today. This week the students will be looking at what it means to be authentic, genuine believers in the midst of so many wavering opinions, beliefs, agendas, etc. Specially, we will be looking at the fleeting pleasures of worldliness that can chip at our authenticity before a broken world and the urgency of the Gospel for those around us.

"The fruit you craved has left you. All your splendid and glamorous things are gone; they will never find them again." Rev. 18:14
"He satisfies you with goodness;" Psalm 103:5a

These two scriptures find themselves at the core of our discussion tonight. Many times the people of Israel would step into the culture and desires of their neighboring godless nations. Their genuineness, their authenticity would naturally be called into question. Unfortunately, the perceived genuineness and authenticity of the god they claimed would be called into question. We can get so caught up in seeking to be satisfied with the things we can see or touch that we forget our satisfaction in Christ and lose our will to seek Him above all else. 

My hope tonight is that the students see the fleeting nature of wealth, power, popularity, comforts, pleasures, etc. That they would see God in His rightful place knowing that one day a judgement will come, one that will not be revoked or reconsidered. Psalm 103 reminds our souls, as believers, to stand in the genuineness and authenticity of our faith and our salvation. To remember that we have been forgiven, healed, redeemed and crowned. Satisfied in our Savior from now into eternity.

While many kingdoms seem to exist today, there is only ONE KINGDOM that rules over all. Our Lord's throne is established. May we be a people who seek to live authentic lives and as a result, be urgent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ knowing that one day, what fails to be proven genuine, will not stand.

Take time this week to pray with your student(s) regarding their walk with Christ, their relationships with fellow believers and their relationships with those who are lost.

May the God of ALL comfort, comfort you in all your ways this week.

As we journey,